Silicon coated - SRI

We are one of the leading manufactures of a wide range of Silicon coated Wire Wound Resistors – SRI (75W to 1000W). Designed as per the latest market trends, our Silicon coated Wire Wound Resistors are an Eco-friendly popular device utilized for controlling speed of fans – table fan, wall fan, ceiling fan and pedestal fan.

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Features :

  • Spot Welded Joints For Reliability
  • Low Temperature Coefficient
  • Exceptional Stability And Performance
  • Low Surface Temperature
  • Industrial And Professional Grade Available
  • Non-Inductive Type Available
  • Fixed Taps And Adjustable Tags Available
  • Custom Designed Resistor Assemblies Are Available On Request
  • Brackets Available For Horizontal As Well As Vertical Mounting.
  • Flame Proof Silicon Coating Available.
  • Professional Grade Available As Per JSS 50402 & IS 8909 (PART III)-1978

Specifications :

  • Ohmic Range:0.1Ω to 300KΩ (Std. Resistances from E-24 Series. Other Resistances available on request)
  • Tolerance: Standard – 5%. (1%, 2% Available On Request)
  • Power Ratings:75W To 1000W
  • Temperature Coefficient: Low Value – ±50ppm 0.1Ω to 9.1Ω; Middle Value – ±50ppm 10Ω to 910Ω; High Value – ±150ppm 1K and above.

Other Details :

  • Surface Temperature:300º C max at 40ºC
  • Derate at Zero: At 300º C
  • Overload:10 times the wattage applied for 5 seconds.
  • Operating Temperature:-55º C to 200º C
  • Dielectric Voltage: Based on indicated creepage distance (k in table) from terminals to mounting bracket. 5mm: 1000V; 6mm: 1200V

Materials Used :

  • Core: Ceramic Core
  • Terminals: Brass Terminals (SS Terminals And Brass Screw Nut Terminal On Request)
  • Wire: Cu-Ni Or Ni-Cr Alloy
  • Coating: Flame Proof Silicon Varnish