Our clients can avail from us high-grade Wire wound Rheostats, Hand Sliding Type, which are manufactured using optimum quality raw material and latest technology machines.

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  • Power: – Designed with 150% of specified power dissipation to limit maximum surface temperature rise up to 200°C, at full power. (Direct derating to 67% of maximum allowable wattage).Also designed to withstand short time over load of 10 times the rated power for 5 seconds.
  • Pitch: – Minimum winding pitch is maintained at 2 time wire diameter in order to avoid inter-turn short circuit due to failure of wire insulation. Maximum winding pitch is maintained at 3 times the wire diameter to ensure maximum utilization of surface area for heat dissipation.
  • Joints: – Winding elements are spot welded to end brass clip terminals to ensure rigid & confirmed joints with very low contact resistance.
  • Coating: – Rheostat is coated with high temperature silicone varnish to provide protection against extreme environmental conditions, mechanical damage and to further assist in heat dissipation.
  • Contact Assembly: – Brush is made of copper-graphite for good electrical contact and self greasing properties to ensure smooth movement for maximum operation cycles. Further the brush is pig-tailed and spring loaded to ensure free movement with firm electric continuity.
  • Slider Bar: – Nickel plated Brass slider for rust free, smooth movement and good electrical conduction. Slider bar is insulated from side bracket using a ceramic insulator bush and nylon lock bush for good electrical insulation properties.
  • Brush Handle: – Slider brush handle is made of ceramic materials for good electric and heat insulation & longer life.
  • Mounting Bracket: – Fabricated from M.S. sheet for firm holding and finish with powder coating for longer life.
  • Wiring: High temperature withstanding Teflon covered insulating wires with crimped copper lugs to ensure good contact & longer life.
  • Output Terminals: – Molded and colour-coded insulating terminals are provided for east of terminal identification. Red & black for fixed resistance and green for variable resistance terminal.
  • Earthing Terminal:- Earthing tag with screw provided for proper earthing of rheostat frame.(Both side brackets are internally electrically connected with the help of mounting stud and doom nut)