Silicon coated - flat wire

We are offering our clients a wide range of Silicone Coated Flat Wire Wound Resistors– SRF. These wire wound variable resistor are fitted in various circuits of electrical appliances and are appreciated for their striking features like ability to withstand temperatures and varying voltages.

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  • Spot Welded/Brazed Joints For Reliability
  • Low Temperature Coefficient Of Resistance
  • Exceptional Stability and Performance
  • Custom Designed Resistor Assemblies Are Available On Request
  • Mounting Cum Terminal Version Available.
  • Flame Proof Silicon Coating Available.
  • Non-Inductive Available


  • Ohmic Range:0.1Ω To 300KΩ (Std. Resistances from E-24 Series. Other Resistances available on request)
  • Tolerance:±3%,±2%,±1%
  • Power Ratings (Based on 40º C):30W To 120W
  • Temperature Coefficient:±50ppm
  • Surface Temperature:350º C max at 40º C
  • Derate at Zero:At 350º C
  • Overload:10 times the wattage applied for 5 seconds
  • Operating Temperature:-55º C to 200º C
  • Dielectric Voltage:1000V from mounting terminals to hardware

Materials Used:

  • Core:Ceramic
  • Terminals:Brass/SS
  • Wire:Cu-Ni. Or Ni-Cr. Alloy Wire or Strip
  • Coating:Silicon Varnish with heat conductive fillers

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: SRF